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A curious visitor can not leave this place without knowing the main expression of the popular culture of Salento : the “Pizzica & Taranta” . Pizzica in Italian comes from “Pinch” which represent the bite of the tarantula  (Taranta) whose only remedy is represented by this hysterical dance which had the effect of destroying the poison of the tarantula. This ancient dance  has  a magnetism that is contagious and will not leave you anymore!  Every year during the second two weeks of August, takes place in the streets of the counties of the Greek ( 9 Salento villages where locals still speak a greek language said Grico ) , the Itinerant Festival of the “ Night of Taranta ” that , through numerous stages, culminates in the final concert of Melpignano . Here, in the square of the Augustinians, an overflowing crowd of young and old from every corner of Italy and Europe, meets the soundtrack of Salento, getting involved in dance from the uncertain steps but addictive rhythm with a strong passion. With it you have ventured illustrious musicians like Stewart Copeland, Goran Bregovic , Ludovico Einaudi, The Buena Vista Social Club and many other, all equally captivated by the contents and the rhythms of popular music of Salento. But to warm up and fill the squares are not necessary the great masters , just one of the many local bands  will kick off the dancing cause  the fun is not listening to music only , this music celebrates the joy of the square that only Salento can guarantee …