The Puccia Festival (10/11May)

A small but very particular festival opens the season of Salento public festivals. This event celebrates the ”puccia”, a traditional Salentinian flatbread baked in stone ovens and seasoned with several delicious ingredients, in a merry and friendly atmosphere.

As it has been for the past 28 years, it is up to Pro Loco volunteers to come up with new creative recipes. There’s no limit to the combination of ingridients, and Salentinians know this very well. The most famous though are the ”scante” (spicy), with anchovies and ricotta forte (spicy cream cheese), the marinara or the ortolana with pickled vegetables, the ”nfucata” and the ”puccia de lu professore”, with minnows and and provola. It is a scrumptious opportunity to enjoy a part of Salentinian culinary tradition.

Location: Villa Convento (Lecce)

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