Pietro & Paolo Saints Feast (28/30 June)

Keep in mind this date and this location:  June 28th to the 30th, Galatina (Lecce) ; every year , in fact here is the famous Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul , with the traditional rite of Tarantula  (spasmodic dance from people who was biten by the tarantula spider).

Galatina Patron Saints are St. Peter and St. Paul, legend says that both stopped in this place during their evangelical travels over the world, in fact in the mother church is preserved a stone on which , it is said , had sat St. Peter to rest.

As far as St. Paul , legend narrate he was welcomed into the house of a citizen of Galatina town, the Holy One to thank for the hospitality turned the water of the well into a miraculous liquid which cured sick people who washed with it.

The man then dedicated to this saint a small chapel in his own house , and since then all ” Tarantolati “went to the chapel of St. Paul to ask for the grace of healing by the bite of tarante (tarantula).

The Feast of St. Peter and Paul is deeply felt and still are remembered  the ” Tarantolati ” , with the evocation of their movements, every year on their way to Galatina asking for the grace of healing to the Saint.

Galatina dresses of sounds, colors and music , and welcomes multitudes of people who come to attend this celebration from anywhere !


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