Boat Fishing Experience

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The day on “Sparrow hawk” (Sparviere), so it is called our fishing boat 14 meters long, promises to be an experience to keep jealously with you over the winter when you will think how much that adventure did make you feel one with nature and the sea in particular.
The day alternates between fishing with professional equipment : * gill net (tramaglio) and fishing pole (supplied by our captain “Giovanni“) , spaced by two swimming breaks in as many breathtaking bays , where , even here our crew will provide you with snorkeling equipment giving you the chance to taste with your own eyes the beauty of the seabed . In particular, with mask and fins you will see the majesty ‘ of the 5 columns Greek Roman lying just four meters deep in the water. Monolithic findings of the second century after Christ.

You will admire the richness of life in these pristine waters that have made the marine park of Porto Cesareo (Salento), natural heritage by UNESCO.

But the sea whets the appetite, so why do not organize a nice lunch on board? Our experienced crew (they are all professional fishermen) will cook the catch fish in front of your eyes and not only that;
we will let you taste our homemade ​products: peppers, eggplant, mushrooms and fresh oil tuna, all accompanied by wine made from our own grapes .

Experience to share absolutely with the whole family or friends.. but you will have fun in pairs two!

The excitement of first-hand the variety of the fish and the unforgettable experience of being part of the crew.




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