The Grain Festival (12/14July)

And how blame you when the invitation comes directly from the ” Festival Te Lu Ranu ” in Merine (Lecce County).
Although this name instantly will not tell you anything, be patient for a moment and rely on your unerring eye for taste.
But reveal something more. If Ranu in local dialect means the Grain, the Festival Te lu Ranu celebrates this incredible product of the earth , a source of local pride and excellence .
The menu of the festival is really full of Salento specialty from grain such as homemade pasta , crispy bruschetta, the Friselle , pasticciotto and pittulle , little cakes fried unmistakable taste .
The curious explorers traditions have something to rejoice because in the village of Merine you can taste local food and wine or many other products such as beans and chicory , chopped horse , sausage and much more.
But what party would be without any good music ? So off to the rhythms from the drums and the famous pizzica & Taranta .. One of the best local band “Alla Bua” will delight you and let you dance under the stars of Merine square. What else can we tell you ? Come & Try !!!


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