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Imposing Castles , not less than twenty , Coastal Towers, Watchtowers and Fortified Farms are one of the Salento mighty fortress against the invasion which over the centuries have made this province a land conquered by the Normans , Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese, Spanish , Venetians and Saracens. Important Castle of Charles V in Lecce , and the fortified Village of Acaja , a few kilometers away from the Salento Capital . These are two of the greatest expressions of the military architecture of the Italian Renaissance period (Rinacimento). Today the Lecce Castel Charles V is an important and fascinating cultural container that gives luster to the whole city.
the architecturesThe coastal towers lined up like sentinels to sight the Saracens ships and fortified farms located in the hinterland of Lecce ( Porto Cesareo, Ugento) dating back to centuries XV- XVI are real jewels of military architecture that strongly characterize the coasts.