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Salento is surrounded by the Sea for all over its 200 km of perimeter!

Starting from Santa Maria di Leuca, the extreme tip of the heel of Italy , and moving along the Ionian side (west Coast) , the coast is mostly low , consisting of long and beautiful stretches of fine white sand that lay down gently washed by the sea , sand dunes and Mediterranean vegetation;


it is the typical landscape of the beaches of Porto Cesareo , the favorite location for who is seeking unforgettable Landscapes, Wild Beaches and Breathtaking Sunset. 30 km southern of Porto Cesareo stands Gallipoli , (“beautiful City” from Greek language),apparently an island on the Sea; one of the wonders of the Mediterranean.

This East Coast (Adriatic side) of Salento has a rather high and jagged coastline which offers breathtaking views and gorgeous scenery in unspoiled nature .The most precious pearl in the Adriatic resort is undoubtedly Otranto, full of history and architectures (civil , military and religious) steeped in oriental influences ( stand the Aragonese Castle and the Norman Cathedral ) .

The main expression of the popular culture of Salento : the “Pizzica & Taranta” . Pizzica in Italian comes from “Pinch” which represent the bite of the tarantula  (Taranta) whose only remedy is represented by this hysterical dance which had the effect of destroying the poison of the tarantula. This ancient dance  has  a magnetism that is contagious and will not leave you anymore!  

The Baroque style , which developed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries , is the highest exaltation of faith in art , and reaches its pick in the extraordinary architectural singularity of the Lecce city (Salento Capital), the Baroque capital of the world .

BAROQUEThe old town is full of palaces and churches (there are at least forty ) built with the ” Lecce stone ” , a limestone rock that , over time has acquired a warm and charming golden hue .

The Salento Cuisine has been affected by the presence in the air of different populations, the whom have  created, over centuries, a mixture of flavors and smells that made the Salento cuisine one of the most popular in our country. This is because the Salento cuisine has been able to take full advantage of the products of the land , such as the extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which gives every food a unique and unmistakable flavor . Not to be outdone the local Wine suitable to accompany each dish.  Among the many is worth to remember: Moscato di Puglia , mjere of Salento, Lacrima, Primitivo di Manduria , Negroamaro and more.

To discover every secret of this magic Land we suggest you to have a reading of the beside  menus which accurately describes all that Salento can offer to its visitors…



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