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The Salento cuisine has been affected by both the history of his region , as well as its geographical location. The presence in the air of different populations has over time created a mixture of flavors and smells that made the Salento cuisine one of the most popular in our country. This is because the Salento cuisine has been able to take full advantage of the products of the land , such as the extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which gives every food a unique and unmistakable flavor . Not to be outdone the local Wine suitable to accompany each dish.  Among the many remember , Moscato di Puglia , mjere of Salento, Lacrima, Primitivo di Manduria , Negroamaro and more. The key element of the cuisine of Salento is the Vegetables: the cabbage, peppers , but also eggplant, artichokes , and more. Used is not only grown, but also as wild chicory, asparagus, fennel sea, the wild onions (wild onions), dandelion (o’nzangune), thistles, the paparineand so on. These are usually coupled with the bread or pasta. Just think of one of the most famous dishes of this area; orecchiette pasta with turnip green & anchovies, and Ciceri e Tria (fried pasta and chickpeas).

cibo salentoThe pasta dishes are a perfect marriage between sea and land . These include the Taieddhra , wild rice with potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes , artichokes, onions and mussels of the sea, but also Spaghetti Anchovies & Breadcrumbs. Some pasta types are affected by even the artistic history of this area, taking the most creative shapes you could ever seen.

Everywhere in the culinary traditions of Salento is the Fish : from the blue , mollusks and crustaceans . It is present in both the first and second courses.
For Meat passionate, a must that you can’t miss is traditional Stew of Cavallo (yes, it’s horse !).
Another typical element of the culinary tradition of Salento is the Bread , made with wheat flour just fine. Traditional is “puccia uliata” (bread with black olives). Do not miss the desserts are typical of the Salento area with a long tradition, the most famous is Pasticciotto leccese. This concludes our journey into the Mediterranean culinary tradition , if you’re curious you only have to come and savor it…