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Salento on my Mind Agency was born from the love I always had for this land: Salento (Puglia Region).
This is a place to live rather than visit…even though it’s just a few days. From an early age I engaged with tourists who were in my region every summer. I have always loved to share with them the most beautiful and unspoiled places, the popular festivals, make them try the culinary delights and admire the architectural beauty of our Baroque Architecture. What about fishing then? I am a big fan of it , so I’ve  been glad to take tourists on fishing trips for the sheer pleasure and to let them feel the thrill that this wonderful art can convey to those who undertake it. Now, I have just turned my passion into a profession .. Yes, I can say now with certainty that my job is the most beautiful job in the world! Along with a few friends who live in Salento  we wished to project and raise awareness of this land [the most loved by Italians as shown by recent survey] beyond the italian border.That’s how “Salento on my Mind” was born .. from the desire to share with you, what we care for  most .. the Salento Land.

Sincerely Daniele Greco 

Daniele Greco

Salento on my Mind 

Salento on my Mind Limited
131 Custom House Harbour Dublin 1, Dublin
Registration Number 539047
incorporated under the Companies Acts 1963