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The Baroque style , which developed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries , is the highest exaltation of faith in art , and reaches its pick in the extraordinary architectural singularity of the Lecce city (Salento Capital), the Baroque capital of the world .

The old town is full of palaces and churches (there are at least forty ) built with the ” Lecce stone ” , a limestone rock that , over time has acquired a warm and charming golden hue .

” If the churches of Lecce were all lined up on both sides of the same road , that would be certainly the most beautiful street in the world” , so an English poet said in the nineteenth century , after visiting  the capital of Salento .

barocco lecce

The Basilica of Santa Croce, whose facade was conceived as a gigantic altar and carried by different architects ( Riccardi , Penna, Antonio and Giuseppe Zimbalo ) alone deserves a trip to Salento  , but not less deserve Piazza Duomo (Duomo Square), considered among the most beautiful in Italy.  The other facades of churches, monasteries and public and private buildings along with the humblest of its balconies and portals represent the perfect setting for this master paint. Other baroque centers to visit are the two Greek towns of Galatina ( Cathedral, dedicated to SS. Peter and Paul) , Galatone ( Sanctuary of the Crucifix of Mercy Church and Maggiore Church)  and Nardo‘ (Piazza Salandra and the Church of St. Dominico) .